Heim[at]. Noun. German. Feeling of home; not attached to a physical place but to a memory, a sensation, a longing.

Heim's creations hope to evoke familiarity. Enjoying a piece of cake your mother or grandma made for a special occasion. Like the sweet your parents gave you after a long day’s trip. An unexpected treat gifted to you by a friend.

Memory elevates the experience. Heim's sweets are based on a personal history.  Like yeast breads Jenn's Mama and Oma made that filled the house with a delicious scent and everyone's bellies with joy. That is something to hold dear, recreate and share. 
In Heim's brick & mortar you will find a cafe inspired by German roots and living room vibes - an inviting and warm community space.

Heim builds on locally-sourced and organic ingredients as much as possible. We also care about sustainability - omitting plastic cups and straws and being conscious of our impact with the packaging choices we make. 



Growing up in Germany, Jenn followed her American mother's roots and is now an Oregonian by choice. Before settling in Portland she trained as a {sweet} baker and pastry chef in Münster. Following her passion for sweets and traveling, she then had short stints in Paris and London before embarking on an adventure to and through the U.S. Now she has decided to present her favorite German goodies to an audience. A piece of .heim in her new home.