.heim appreciates your interest! Do you have any questions, comments, praise, critique, or all the things? Would you like to talk about a special order, catering or renting Heim's space for your event? Please use the contact form below or call the shop at 503.206.5537.

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Where can I find .heim?

Heim is located in the Roseway neighborhood, on the corner of 72nd and Sandy, in Portland, Oregon. The exact address is 7137 NE Fremont St., Portland, OR 97213. 

What are your hours?

Wednesday through Friday, 6am to 2pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am to 2pm.

Do you do special orders or catering?

I do! Shoot me an email with your request or give me a call and we will set something. up. 

Does .heim rent out it's space for special events?

We sure do!

Who took those BEAUTIFUL photos?

Well, another lovely Jenn from Jenn Byrne Creative was kind enough to capture my soft opening. She's an amazing photographer and videographer, working with personal clients and businesses. Check her out!
Mixed in there are a bunch of product shots that are my own :)